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Surprise! Cliven Bundy, Conservatives' Newest Hero, is a Huge Gigantic Racist



Have your heard about Cliven Bundy? No? Why he’s only America’s newest patriot! Conservatives, Republicans, Libertarians, and right wingers of all types are going goo-goo over Mr. Bundy and his Bundy Ranch. Let me give you a little summary.


This doesn’t surprise me. I’ve lived out in ranching country before (spent 7 years in Challis, Idaho), and these guys are true dinosaurs, isolated in their own little worlds. Seriously, they have no idea that that kind of outspoken racism isn’t tolerated the same way in the real, modern world outside of their cowboy nirvana anymore.

They are very isolated from any outside thought or viewpoint (most of them have hardly used any form of Internet…no lie), and what they do get tends to be filtered through ideological restrictions imposed by their tiny rural communities and their own narrow world views. To get an idea of how cut off from the rest of modern reality they are, consider that when I lived in Idaho, I knew of several people who were in their 60s who had never set foot out of Custer County…the place where they were born. Granted, Custer County is the size of Connecticut, but it has a population of 4,000 people, about 95% of them are white, and about 99.5% of them are Republicans. The biggest variation of viewpoint in this place hinged upon preferred brand of chewing tobacco. Elk jerky or moose burger? Mormon or Baptist? Bud or Coors? This was a place where people wouldn’t even wear bolo ties because they were considered “too Mexican”…although a choice slur or two was in place of “Mexican.”
I mean, shit, I played basketball in middle school there and was told, point-blank by some slack-jawed, whiskey-reeking POS father of some kid I went to school with that basketball was a game for “n****rs, queers, and women” and that “real men” did wrestling instead.
These are communities where inbreeding is an actual thing. Not a “haha bunch of cousin-kissin’ rednecks” sort of thing. A legit, population genetics, serious, public health fucking thing where horrible diseases pop up all over the place due to the repeated meeting of various recessive alleles. In Challis, almost half the population of 1,000 people belong to, in some way, one of about 10 families; the Corrigans, the Pivas, the Whitworths, the Chivers, the Cutlers, the Hurlesses, the Bakers, the Latimers, and the Keppners. 
The Corrigans and Cutlers were so close, the two lineages had a fucking braided family tree. The Pivas and Chivers were basically the same family. As were the Latimers and the Hurlesses.

It’s like Game of Thrones, but with more Fanconi anemia.

I remember when we played a pre-season basketball game against a neighboring community, Leadore, and the big joke was that they were even more inbred than Challis. For context, Leadore has like 70 people in it and the closest communities are an hour in any direction through harsh, Rocky Mountain terrain. For 6-months out of the year, both Challis and Leadore are almost inaccessible from the outside, which totally facilitates more isolation and eventual inbreeding. 

These are communities full of people that are proud their way of thinking/values haven’t changed in almost one hundred years or more. I’m not exaggerating. In Challis, a banner perennially was put out above the entrance to Main Street that said “Unchanged Since the 1940s”…and it was a point of pride to them! 
I went to school with people that would spout off the most racist, vitriolic shit you could think of (remember, these are 11 year old kids), all of it they heard from their parents and relatives. They had never even SEEN a black person before in their life. Nor had anyone they had ever known.

So yeah, Cliven Bundy’s overt racism is very, very typical of what I’ve seen in the hyper-rural interior West.


ryan nosdrinker gives tips on how to hack

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just tried a raw orange and wow. they’re better this way

This man is a fucking idiot.

This man is a fucking idiot.



A bunch of drunk college kids tried to play “Alice in Wonderland”

I cry of laughter everytime I watch this. 

this is my spirit video

Are…are you sure they were just drunk?

Does anybody know of a place where I could get a cheap cheetah print jacket?



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good lawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd

I don’t think I’ll ever get over how fucking shitty Iron & Wine got following The Shepherd’s Dog.





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It's Been Awhile



Staind | It’s Been Awhile
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My roommate bought a pack of 24 rolls of toilet paper yesterday, in addition to the half dozen we already had, and stored all of them in the bathroom. And just let me tell you, there’s something incredibly calming and reassuring about looking next to you while you’re on the toilet and seeing 30 rolls of toilet paper sitting there. You get a feeling like, no matter how bad shit gets in there, you’re always going to make it out okay in the end.

Summer coat.

Summer coat.

Was going to grade some lab reports.

Watched the new episode of Cosmos instead. Whoops.